Plan, execute and control your business projects with a single platform, easily assigning tasks and priorities to the team.
Project plan e Milestone

Project plan and milestones

Assegna e pianifica le attività

Assign and plan activities

Monitora lo stato di avanzamento

Monitor progress

Controllo progetto

Control the project activities

Monitor budged, scope and timing of projects

BQUADRO supports the Project Manager in managing projects and planning the work of the entire team, enabling the control of Scope, Budget and Timing at all times..

  • Scope: identify and define, by breack-down of activities and creating the project plan, into which milestones and resources to divide the project;
  • Budget (Cost): allocates resources to the project and assigns the tasks identified to the resources, within the budgeted amount;
  • Timing (Schedule): plan the activities of the resources allocated and define the end date of the project.

Effectively manage the entire workload in one workspace, easily assign tasks and priorities to the team and keep track of the progress of the task, without losing sight of budgets, costs and deadlines.

triple constraint

Main features:

  • Create the project plan with a tree of prioritised activities
  • Keep track of the progress of activities in real time
  • Easily manage the allocation of tasks to resources
  • Manage the scheduling of calendar tasks in an advanced way
  • Manage permissions by role in the project
  • Move tasks easily with drag and drop

creazione e gestione task

inserimento task calendario

  • Create dependencies between tasks (e.g. only when task 1 and 2 are completed will the invoice be generated)
  • Standardise and simplify projects by creating predefined task templates
  • Organise task templates in folders and subfolders
  • Generate task code manually or automatically
  • Add or remove task-related fields freely
  • Check progress, production status, billable amount and turnover


Example of project creation in BQUADRO

flusso project plan