From the order to the shipping. Simplify and optimize the activities of your human resources, related to these activities: management of the order status, couriers integration and stock management!

BQUADRO for Fulfillment

BQUADRO allows each user to organize their daily work in a simple, fast and shared way, optimizing their operations and improving daily efficiency within the value chain.

At any moment of the value chain, corporate resources can share this data with each other and analyze the workload of the individual resource, in order to improve the quality of teamwork and workloads.

order fulfillment

BQUADRO to manage the Fulfillment's activities: main features


Integrates the order management in an automated way and share it with all information system of your companies and the other software!

  • Management of the order's status: you can create personalized workflow to define the best progress status for your company
  • Integration with the business information system and the other departmental software
  • Management of the authorisation of the order
  • Stock management

gestione ordini

Shipping management


Integrates the management of your shippings in a single dashboard for every courier!

  • Define the orders (or the order's row) to send
  • Define the assignment of the order to a specific courier during the "order stage" or during the "shipment stage"
  • Manage specific information for different couriers and/or for every shipment (for example, the Express 12H shipments - default one) and you can define the Economy class during the "shipment stage"
  • Automatic and real-time booking or a default cut off or manual one