Let's transform activities without value in automations that can optimize and maximize performance of your company processes!
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Event creation

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Event tracking

BQUADRO Automation helps you to focus on important activities

BQUADRO Automation is a feature that can be applied to all other component of BQUADRO. It allows you to set up different types of automtations and automate many operations without value. For example:

  • sending automatic email (e.g. to achieve goals related to User Adoption and User Engagement)
  • sending of automatic notifications (e.g. errors)
  • automatic profiling of pipeline
  • sending of automatic notifications (e.g. receipt of an order or other event)

Main actions:

  • run a file batch
  • run a SQL script
  • run an http request
  • send mail
  • run a PowerShell script
  • save the payload on file
  • run a C# scrip
  • create an event

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