Understand your customers, give them a great Customer Experience and anticipate their needs, by creating custom web marketing campaigns

BQUADRO for your Marketing campaigns

BQUADRO embodies the business need toadopt a data-driven approach to organize, monitor and optimize the marketing activities of your company.

If you analyze all users’ data, you can:

  • Offer an optimal User Experience, based on their real needs, on their habits and their knowledge of the platform
  • Anticipate the customers‘ needs, by starting different marketing and sales campaign. For example, you can create a campaign to encourage the buy-back of a worn out product or a particular accessory, the warranty removal, the planning of a scheduled maintenance, etc.
  • Help users to know the platform in a simple and steady way.
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BQUADRO for Marketing area: main features



Encourage the first-time users to use BQUADRO and send them specified campaigns that help them to understand all features! You can define your goals and timeline, or the most important activities of BQUADRO.

  • Plan of the campaign to encourage the first-time user to use BQUADRO
  • Campaign monitor
  • Define scores when a goal is completed


You can view in which steps of your sales process are your leads. You can track your sales activities and increase your marketing activities!

  • Definition of steps of the sales process
  • Definition of automatic rules for the transfer of deals in different steps of the sales process
  • Manual or automatic addition of new deals
  • Manual or automatic transfer of deals in different steps of the sales process
  • Addition of notes and comments

lead management

email marketing


Realize customized email mareting campaigns and send them to the users to encourage them to use the platform, to propose discounts and promotions based on their favourite products, to offer the renewal of a warranty or to manage the scheduled maintenance or to send them customized communications!

  • Creation of graphic templates
  • Contacts segmentation
  • Creation of multilingual campaigns
  • Event tracking


You can view and modify the information of people of the platform. You can define their relationships with other people of BQUADRO. For example, you can define that Acme Inc. has two human resources: Mario Rossi is the ownser andLucio Rossi is the logistic manager. You can specify all kind of relationship: suppliers, human resources, leads, etc. In this way, yo can integrate all players of the supply chain, by using a B2B2C approach.

  • View of the main information of a person in a single dashboard
  • Main profiling of the person (type, addresses, contacts)
  • Definition of the relationships with other people
  • Definition of customers of a particular person (useful for agent-customer)




Organize your marketing campaign with a data-driven approach. You can analyze the users’ performance, discover their way of use to improve the Customer Experience of every user!

  • Analysis of the user's habits
  • Analysis of the performance of agents and employees
  • Optimization of the User Engagement


Discover the purchasing habits of your customers, their favorite products, the frequency of purchase, etc. In this way, you can adopt custom sales strategies to offer at the right time!

  • Analysis of the purchasing habits of your customers
  • Plan custom marketing and sales campaigns
  • Customer Experience comparable to the best B2C marketplaces

strategic information