Sell your products, personalize them with the configurator, organize catalogues and lists and manage your sales network

BQUADRO for Sales process

BQUADRO allows companies to sell B2B products online, by offering a Purchase Experience comparable to the B2C one. The B2B Customer Experience becomes a uniform experience in every phase of the purchase.

The flexible and dynamic structure allows BQUADRO to answer to the Sales needs in a natural way.

Costs reduction, data-driven approach, optimization and sharing of information, increase of efficiency are the main motivations that guides companies to start this path.

The increase of efficiency means:

  • Reduce the error percentage in the order management phase, in particular for the complex products, configured or tailor-made ones
  • Find all information in a single platform and uses BQUADRO as a single source of trouth
  • Digitalize the order entry process to reduce the time to manage an order
  • Adopt a fast and efficient customer care service and response (by using solutions as Zendesk, Uservoice, chat and chatbox)

B2B sales process

BQUADRO for Sales area: main features

multichart structure


Products can be assembled in different catalogues that can be combined in an arbitrary manner to create lists with different availabilities and price rules. For example, the product can be catalogued by brand, by product markets, usage patterns, etc.

  • Easy navigation into the catalogue
  • Price and availability rules for every catalogue
  • Custom access to the lists (every user can view specific catalogues)


Products are different. Your customers can order simple products, by including them into the cart, or they can select specific variants of configure an item from scratch.

  • Generation of a custom product with the product configurator
  • Selection of an item variant with the product selector
  • Product information, that can be translated and quickly managed

configurable products

b2b orders


You can manage different carts at the same time. They can be resumed and completed later. The complex companies can define specific procedures of order authorization and validation, based on custom parameters.

  • Order validation by email (Fast Order Entry)
  • Order authorization processes
  • View of the order documentation


You can manage your sales network: you can allow agents to access into a custom platform, based on his real needs. With a dedicated dashboard, the manager can analyze the performance of every agent and monitor their efficiency.

  • Access to specific catalogues
  • Custom view of the users
  • Access to particular documents of expertise
  • Offer dispatch by email
  • Order confirmation by mail

sales network