Simples products, or configurable with models and variant or 100% custom products. Discover all types of products available on BQUADRO and configure your B2B based on the real needs of your customer!
simple products

Simples products

product selector

Product selector

product configurator

Product configurator

Product configurator 3D

Product configurator 3D

Product Selector and Product Configurator: features and differences

With BQUADRO, you can manage different types of products: simple or complex ones, 100% custom or configurable by models and variants.

In this way, you can offer the perfect product to your customer!

product configurator


With the product configurator you can create 100% custom products. Every part of the article can be customized based on the real need of the customer.

These products don't exist before their configuration and the customer can create his perfect product!


With the product selector your customer can order a products in a specif variant, that is available on BQUADRO.

Color, size, brand, high... You can define a model and every customer can order his perfect product.

product selector